The Bite

Issue Six: Sauce

An extra drop of this or that, one more degree of temperature or an added pulse, a certain motion of whisk or a pinch of a particular type of sea salt, a few flakes of uniquely terroir-ed mountain-grown chile, the famous bead of sweat that falls into the pot.

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Issue Five: Diners

This one is a slice of life from around our state. It’s a slice of pie and a belly warmer. It’s waffles at midnight, afternoon huevos rancheros, and all-day conversation amid clanks and clatters from the kitchen. It’s an open stool beckoning you to come in from the cold. It’s an homage to diners.

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Issue Four: Noodles

What’s the key to a good pasta noodle? What makes phở so wonderful, and where should you go to eat some today? Where does homemade spaghetti yakisoba fall on the fragile, ever-contested continuum of authenticity? How spicy is spicy enough? These are a few of the questions rolled into issue four: Noodles.

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