#74 | Manna from Heaven, Fat Tuesday, and Delicious Things

Fruit? Manna? Beer? Beignets? Whatever you’re living off (or swearing off), check out this week’s newsletter. We dip into the realm of nourishment (spiritual and otherwise), offer local tips on Mardi Gras, and, for you road-trippers, point you to a few lesser-frequented destinations around the state.

#72 | The Wolf, Breadmaking, and Growing Mushrooms

Is it the year of the rabbit, or the year of the wolf? This week’s newsletter considers the canine—literally, and M. F. K. Fisherly. Also bread, dinner events, the state smell, and opportunities to grow mushrooms.

#59 | Flamin’ Hot, Yuca Fries, and Entrances & Exits

A few weeks ago, while researching artichokes, we read that “Artichokes remained popular until the fall of the Roman empire.” This appeared on a USDA fact sheet, so we know it’s guaranteed to be true. Reading that sentence made us wonder if, at some point in the...

#50 | Wildflowers, Squash Blossoms, and Occasions

Mushrooms are not the only forest food thriving lately. Over the past few weeks, our forays into the Sandias and Sangre de Cristos have sparkled with all kinds of blooms, from fireweed and asters and dazzling towers of thistle to fields of lupine and mountain...

#48 | Plastic, Entrances & Exits, and Going Green

A few years ago, someone working in the packaging industry informed us that beer bottled in plastic was right around the corner. Naturally, we recoiled in horror. Drink a chilled craft lager out of a squishy plastic bottle? Feel the beer warming and sloshing and...