Contributor Guidelines

The Bite seeks thoughtful, engaging articles by people who care about New Mexico’s food and drink culture. Food trucks, upscale bars, a farm stay, a cooking competition, we’re open to your ideas as long as you care about your subject. We especially love unexpected angles, out-of-the-way spots, and encounters with interesting people and unsung heroes. 

To have your story considered, start by taking a look at the articles we’ve published. If your idea seems like a fit, email our editors with the subject and focus of your story with the word “PITCH” in the subject line, keeping in mind that most of our articles run 750–1,000 words. If you haven’t written for us before, include links to a few relevant publications and/or attach a couple of writing samples. 

If you have relevant experience with the subject of the story, let us know that, but understand that objectivity is important to us. Don’t ask us to publish a promotion of your best friend’s business, or your own. Know that we lead with integrity. Along with freshness and a creative angle, we value accuracy, independence, fairness, and accountability.