The Bite: Diners

Issue Five: Diners

This one is a slice of life from around our state. It’s a slice of pie and a belly warmer. It’s waffles at midnight, afternoon huevos rancheros, and all-day conversation amid clanks and clatters from the kitchen. It’s an open stool beckoning you to come in from the cold. It’s an homage to diners.

Waffle House #545

Clarke Conde offers what amounts to an informal index reading of Albuquerque. The results are, given our current moment in the pandemic, not surprising: the body is fatigued but the pulse remains strong. The jukebox is on, the waffles are good, the community presses on.

Alchemy of a Diner

From a counter seat at The Pantry, Susanna Space looks to diner-dom’s origins.