Issue Ten: The Great Outdoors

The Bite: Diners

Cover Art by Jennifer Nehrbass

Jennifer Nehrbass is a painter living and working in Albuquerque. Born in West Bend, Wisconsin, she holds an MA in painting from New York University and an MFA in painting from the University of New Mexico. Nehrbass’s paintings evoke modern dilemmas of what it means to see and be seen in a manner that is simultaneously ancient and contemporary. Learn more at

editor’s note

T​​​​he thing about taking photos of food at the table is that it’s an attempt to capture something that ultimately cannot be captured. No one can taste a photo, or even really get a sense from that photo of the nuance of the sauce, and how it tasted as you felt the slight breeze across the table, and how that felt as you noticed the glow in the eyes of someone sitting beside you. The secret ingredient to any good meal is knowing that it is good, that it exists only as long as you can taste it, that the enjoyment of it is all the more meaningful because it is fleeting.

Nothing is permanent. Not a meal, not a story, not even this thing in your hands.

So take this thing in your hands, which once was a tree and now is a set of stories and will once again (we hope) be a tree, as a beckoning. The shade beneath a cottonwood, the night sky on a new moon, a honeysuckle-scented summer patio; the urgency of a fire-torn sky; the aspen grove that speaks to those who listen, all beckon. Heed the call, pack a burrito or whatever else, head outside, and take it all in.

This is our last print issue of The Bite—at least for now. We are taking a summer hiatus, with a vision of bringing the best of what we’ve been creating into the digital domain. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter; we’ll continue to keep you posted on all things delicious, and also share updates on where we’re going next.

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