Eat and Drink Your Way Through Dixon

Check the hours, watch out for the geese, don’t skip the co-op or the wine—these are a few of the tips Candolin Cook offers for a getaway in the charming town of Dixon.

Silver City Gold

Jennifer C. Olson relates what’s special about the produce aisle of the Silver City Food Co-op.

Issue Eight: Cafes

Here's to spring, and to the mug and what fills it, to the pastry and what tops it, to old and new and soon-to-be friends, to the breeze and the sun, and to the cafés that can bring it all together.⁠

Issue Nine: Markets

For the love of markets—not the open-air kind, but the neighborhood ones that specialize, the small-town ones that act as beacons and gathering places, the ones that embody the spirit and character of faraway places.

Steep Times

An erstwhile coffee drinker delves into tea at The Teahouse on Canyon Road.

Butternut Bliss

Mariko O. Thomas opts for a vegan pie and doesn’t regret it.

Books, Coffee & Other Delights

Briana Olson writes, “And what better place to kill time than in a bookstore? Isn’t it the very act of killing time that brings us into time, that, like boredom, incites our awareness of it, inviting the eyes to study the shifting panes of afternoon light as they fall on the faces of the people in line to buy coffee?”

Issue Seven: Fish

Cover Art by Cedra Wood Cedra Wood is an artist interested in narrative and the environment. She lives with an inconveniently industrious woodrat in a renovation-in-progress in Romeroville, New Mexico.editor’s note ​​​ish in the desert. Sounds...